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Meow Eye Shade For Sweet Dream Sleep Blocks Light 100%

Meow Eye Shade For Sweet Dream Sleep Blocks Light 100%

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Blocks light out 100%.  Regain control of your sleep.

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Sleep deprivation can cause serious harm to your health. Your sleep is precious.  But light can be a major factor preventing you from falling deep in sleep.  Our sleep mask blocks light 100%.  Regain control and keep sleep deprivation away from you.   This mask does not pressure your eye and is very comfortable.  These masks make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep and they are perfect for travel. The nose is padded for maximum comfort. While silk mask will oppress your eyes, our memory foam mask is gentle.

Material: Nylon
Please wash before use.

Wash instructions:
1. Submerge eye mask into the lukewarm water and detergent mix and very gently wash with hands
2. Rinse and line dry

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Best (and cutest) Sleep Mask

I have been looking for a mask that doesn’t impact my lashes, doesn’t leave any impressions on my face and is also cute and this one delivers! It blocks light amazingly well and the strap is adjustable. It’s perfect. Thank you!